Do you find yourself battling exhaustion, self-doubt, and a disconnection from your true self?

Our mini-course empowers women to banish burnout, rekindle their inner radiance, and reconnect with their unique power and magnetism.

Discover the 3 secrets that will revitalise your life. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to your radiant self.

Join our community of women on a journey to reclaim their shine.

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Glow it Up - Thrive and Shine


I initiate conscious mothers to rise into the Divine Feminine and deepen the bonds with their loved ones, by using the unique methods within the “Menarche Project”.

Inside this group I'll share with you the 3 Essential keys to Reviving your Glow and Claiming your Magnetism:

  1. Embrace Divine Feminine: Unlock your Queendom energy to shatter limiting beliefs and expectations.
  2. Elevate and Transform: Mend and heal the inner child, sisterhood and mother wounds for healthier relationships.
  3. Empower Generations: Master emotions, balance energies, and guide the next generation toward greatness.

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